How to activate Simplygon?

Hi, I’ve seen that simplygon is integrated in UE4 by default, but a licence is needed to activate it. Then, I get (or I think so) a personal license to use simplygon that seems to be free. But now, I dont know how to enable simplygon in UE4. There’s no information or options… Anyone know how to enable this system? Seems to be a very very useful plugin, to improve the performance of a project without lose a lot of times reducing polygons of all meshes… Thanks a lot!

This is true. So unless you have tons of cash, you won’t be seeing any of that UE integration unfortunately.

Thanks both for the replies! I can’t see the point of integrate a system that is gonna be used just for a couple development teams. Anyway is the unique problem that I found with UE4, they are doing things very good and this is very appreciated!

Forgive me if this is a naive question, but what benefits does the integration actually bring? Anybody using it?

Even the max plug-in seems to just bring up the desktop version of simplygon cloud (it saves you the step of loading the mesh, etc). I’ve tried it out on a few meshes via the desktop app, and it works really well. We’re probably going to go to a “pro license” and use the max plug-in in our (arch viz) pipeline.

So everybody sends their models to a “cloud” to be processed. Because that’s faster. Not to collect one supermassive database of models of course. Noone ever would do that. :wink: