How to activate/deactivate Radial Force properly?

So I created a new Twin Stick Shooter project. Added a radial force to the level. Turned on “Simulate Physics” on the ship, also locked the Z axes.
Problem is when I go into the radial force it starts to attract (set the force to -10000, the mass of the ship is 50), but when I go out of the force it still applies force to the ship. (If I go from right to left it starts to attract in that direction and if I go out of the force field it stays the same direction)

I created a blueprint out of the force (I named it to Asteroid). So when player goes in the range it turns on the “simulate physics” on the ship and turns off when goes out.

This stopped the constant attracking force but when the ship goes out from range I cant go back into the field right away (If I press some buttons going up and down eventually I can go back into the field). It acts like it is some kind of wall. There are no generate hit events, the sphere is just a trigger.