How to activate collision between static meshes animated using timeline?

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with a project i’m working on, and tried everything I know of to solve it, but no good -_-

I am trying to move some teeth around a metal rail like in the screenshot I provided, and I used timeline animation to animate the teeth … I have put each tooth and bracket inside an actor which is moved in the timeline … what i want to do here is to make some physical interaction between the teeth, the brackets, and the rail… So that no overlapping between the teeth should happen , nor there should be any overlapping between the brackets and the rail wire like what you see in the photos … I tried checking the Sweep option to prevent collision in the timeline animation, but nothing is happening…Please if anyone can give me an Idea of should i do I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: thanks a lot everybody :slight_smile: