How to activate a level blueprint in certain triggers

Hello. So basically, I have logic for playing animation sequences in my level blueprint.

I need this to be executed only in certain box triggers, and since I am making an open-world game I need to systemize the things a little bit. In the best case, I will have different sequences which will need to be played separately in certain triggers.

What is the best way of doing this? Can I translate this to a separate Blueprint and not use the level blueprint?

How to make this an independent mechanic not linked with the level?

Hey bud,

Yeah you should 100% make this into a generic actor BP. It’s encouraged to produce generic blueprint classes that don’t require additional overhead. The level blueprint is a difficult one to use as you can’t access it from elsewhere via casting or similar.

I would say create an actor BP with a collision box then you can use the onbeginoverlap events to start off your logic. You can expose a variable to specify the movie sequence you want to play when the actor is triggered and this can be input into the movie sequence target of your code above, this gives you a single BP to drag in and only a single variable to edit when it’s placed.


Thank you very much! I think I understand what you mean. I will try to do this and if something is on my way I would write again.

I am not sure how to proceed with OnBeginOverlap event.
Basically, I transfer the logic into separate BP and made a trigger box inside.
But now when I step in the trigger zone the BeginOverlap event just play once the sequence and that’s all. I need when I am in the trigger to be able to control the animation with using the keys.

Hey mate,

So ideally you want those added to the player controller or player character as input actions, I am assuming that they make the movie sequence fast forward and rewind dependant on the key pressed.

When the player character overlaps the box access the character and set a boolean to true named isplayingsequence or similar and use that for the logic to only allow the player controls to be used when it is true, also set the sequence ref you will need for the movie sequence that is currently active, reset these with the end overlap events.

That should give you everything to get the controls working In the character in a more generic method.

Remember separation of concerns when you design systems like this it will help you develop a holistic method to your systems.

Hey man! I am very thankful for the attention and help. It was a little hard understanding the part with the boolean and how exactly to make “if overlap then unlock “R” and “T” buttons → otherwise do nothing” but I’ve managed to do something like this -

I know that may be optimized using action mappings instead of direct keys, but for some reason when I create an action mapping and use it instead of Key the OnFinished event let me press again the button “R” and restart the sequence. In this case with the direct input, it stays to the last frame and does not restart after pressing again the same button.

Is there anything else I can optimize? I feel like this is a very spaghetti blueprint.

You are very right about the separation of concerns, the different design patterns, and optimizing the system as soon as possible!