How to acquire a rate of rotation for leaning turns?

I have followed the official third person blueprint tutorial a couple times and this time I’m attempting to add more animations (from Movement Animset Pro) to my character. How would one get a rate of rotation from the character pawn to drive an ‘angle’ variable in a 2D blend space that includes leaning animations?

It can be very easily done using your Input Turn output.


It might be worth mentioning that I actually don’t have a turn axis, I have a Forward axis and a Right axis paired with a free moving camera that isn’t always positioned behind the character.
I am also interested in implementing this into my non-player characters.

I think in your animation blueprint you may need to store the rotation each update and compare it to the previous. Using the given delta you can increment the turn amount. You need to have a constant fall off on the turn amount each tick so it rights itself if the delta is under a value.