How to achieve wrecking ball multiplayer?

How can i make the character in over-watch called wrecking ball. (networked)

OBSLY want this in multiplayer is it possible?

Right click to shoot grappling hook and swing around like him

that’s basically what i need to know :confused: don’t know where to start

the player will be the ball all the time so there wont be a FPS view

Possible but replicating swinging properly is tricky.

how would i go about that does not replicating physics work with it?

Grab basic movement from there.
Experiment with physics constraints for grappling hook mechanics.

thanks i will make sure to update thread if i make progress :slight_smile:

well i want it to be multiplayer its kinda weird how UE4 does not have this stuff figured out :3, like a movement component that replicates physics or something would be handy

Well that makes it easier if you aren’t replicating for multiplayer. In that case you can just use physics simulation.

You can do physics in multiplayer but it will get choppy because different machines calculate the physics slightly different ways and have different framerates, PLUS network latency.

how can i fix this? cuss ubisofts overwatch character seams pretty seamless never seen any lag with that one. so it must be possible somehow

I am not familiar with that character so you might not actually need simulated physics to get him to move the way you want. Maybe you can get by with lots of LaunchCharacter calls that just make it LOOK like simulated physics, but you’ll have to figure out the vector math on that one.

Also if you want to smoothly replicate movement for anything that’s not a CharacterMovement type of movement or a straight line projectile or a Timeline-driven movement sequence (Hey maybe you could do it that way!) then you have to create your own network prediction, lag compensation, and smoothing code, because those are the only 3 things I know of the reliably do smooth network replication out of the box.

Oh hey I just watched some of the video you put a link for. I thought you needed him to swing like an actual wrecking ball.
Watching the video, I think you don’t need anything special!
You just need to have a way to switch some of his Character Movement parameters when he switches to ball mode, and have the ball animate/spin to pretend it’s rolling instead of what’s really happening which is just him walking but LOOKING like he’s rolling, and his Ground Friction and Deceleration are just switched to lower numbers while in ball mode.

So he doesn’t have to actually roll like with physics, he can just Walk while doing a rolling animation or spinning the ball mesh proportional to his velocity.

Do it this way and the network replication will be automatic and smooth for the character movement because CharacterMovement is coded that way in the engine.

BUT WAIT: I watched the video further and he does have a swinging grappling hook motion.
I don’t know how to get that working smoothly over network. But someone else does. A few people on here have done it.

Wish to get this working so bad :smiley: me and my friend have been trying for hours getting this ■■■■ to work but still no progress.

Now we kund of got movement and such working we just need the physics constraint swing to work with motion and such and not be so much bs and set speed limit for rotation speed and we are all set :smiley:

Man I hate to be THAT guy but… Let me tell you some things you’re doing wrong that are/aren’t technical.

  1. Assuming UE4 doesn’t have things and being upset about it. UE4 has full physics based movement, and it’s pretty freaking good, and someone kind of told you that and you immediately get mad that it doesn’t do what YOU think it should… make your own game engine then, if you’re so smart. Blueprinting in UE4 is probably the only thing that’s making it even possible for you to attempt this project.

  2. Ubisoft didn’t make Overwatch… And Unreal can do simulated physics over networks just fine… That’s how almost all falling happens in any videogame, including fortnite. In fact, Unreal kind of got famous in the first place BECAUSE of some pretty cool physics based multiplayer gameplay… You just have to be able to understand how the tick function works and why it’s important. Any engine, doesn’t matter what, has to solve the same problems when replicating for multiplayer. The information available out there on the subject is overwhelmingly abundant.

  3. Physics Constraints are complex and work pretty much the same in every game engine because they are based off of PhysX, and if that confused you, then, sorry bud, but the tough news is that you need to read up on that too if you wanna understand what you’re looking at.

none of this is easy. Don’t get so easily flustered. Stay excited. Pretty much anything you can imagine is possible but it isn’t just going to be given to you. Appreciate the blueprint system. We don’t deserve it.

Oh and if it makes you feel any better, I’m struggling to come up with a solution to the same exact problem. When you use a humanoid thing that stays upright, it’s actually not that hard. When you use a ball? Gets a bit trickier, depending on what your desired result is.

Dang, I tried every possible way short of coding my own movement component, to get smooth network replication on anything BUT the charactermovement component, and none of it worked, including using simulated physics. If you figure out how to get smooth networked simulated physics working without coding your own network code, let me know!

We got pretty much everything working besides retracting, makeing rope it longer, and also stop point (stop point is the max the rope can be stretched) it always stuttred

It always stutters when you use charactermovement or when you use simulated physics body?