How to achieve those running animations ?

Does someone know how can oneself create those animations ?
( the kind of “rotation” of the character when running )

If I have to guess, I’ll try blend space :
But there’s other way to achieve this…
Maybe are they just playing with the mesh orientation with a setRelativeOrientation node.

Thats called Root Motion.
The Translation of the Character is driven by the animation and not by the Character itself (via addMovementInput for example)

Not sure i correctly understand the question but i assume you are talking about the leaning in the movement?

While in the video the effect is caused by root motion that is driving the character however you can achieve this effect easily without it,

Take your normal walk or run forward and adjust it in your DCC package to where you would just slightly rotate move the body to create the lean effect while keeping the feet intact,

Then use a blendspace and calculate the lean strength based on acceleration and velocity :slight_smile: