How to achieve logarithmic map range instead of linear?

Hopefully a simple one:

How can I get the float values that come out of a clamped “Map Range” to scale logarithmically instead of the default linear.

Or rather, how can I convert the linear output into something logarithmic?

I’m using the output float to control the frequency of a low pass filter and need it to scale slower at Range A and faster at the other end.


Thanks, I tried this, and also a setup with the log running on the inputs VelocityCurrent and VelocityMax (shown below), but I am not getting the results I need.

I’ve drawn a graph. Black line is standard Map Range, with Log I’m getting the green line… I need the gold line.

Also, trying to get this done in MetaSounds so not sure if everything I need will be available. If need be, I could crunch the numbers on a BP before sending to MS.

So, I ended up mapping the input to a 0-1 range, squared it, and sent to low pass.

In general, when you want to “map a value,” it’s usually a good idea to use a linear curve. That gives you a handy UI where you can control the response reasonably well using tools in the editor.
Specifically for logarithmic/exponential, that may not be enough, because of the extreme difference in magnitude between the two edges, though, but if “squaring” is good enough for you, then a FloatCurve will be at least as good!

Cheers, I appreciate that advice!