How to achieve an isometric view camera setup In a 3D game?

hello! so I’m totally new to unreal engine but I would like to achieve an isometric view for my characters camera. The Character is a 3D character in a 3D world. The view I want to achieve looks like the view of Tomb Raider: Temple of Osiris game. I tried moving and rotating the spring arm to get the same effect but it feels off. It looks disorienting such that the character moves he looks like his falling off the level which obviously is not good. Could anyone with greater knowledge help me get this view without disorienting the player lol?? And also I just wanted know if this view will affect how I design the level for the character?? Thank you!!!

No clue what you mean by “he looks like his falling off the level”? You mean like Camera Lags behind the movement? There is a setting for that under Camera Lag its turned off by default and should if you dont want the Lag to happen.

Asside from that Play around with the Camera Field of View or if you want real Isometric change it to Orthographic. But be Warned Orthographic has currently some serious issues displaying a 3D Enviroment.

Thanks Nachtmahr I think playing around with the field of view was the real issue! When I said “falling off” I meant it looked like a third person camera tilted 180 degrees. It was a view that made you want to twist your neck really lol but I’ll get to solving it tomorrow again I appreciate your help greatly!!!