How to achieve a late 1980s-Early 90s CGI film look?

Any particular reason you recommended forward rendering as opposed to deferred?


forward rendering will enable you to use MSAA if you want sharper looking images, in general terms forward rendering was the only type of rendering technique pre-defered used back then even in its lower spec form. It also allows lights and materials to act a little differently. But at all costs IMO TAA should be avoided f you want to help fake that old look for the obvious reason that it blurs the edges and makes things look too smooth and washed out.

Ok, thanks again. I also downloaded the old DOS Autodesk 3D Studio from 1990-1993 so I can test render my scenes with an old fashioned renderer (for reference). Surprisingly, .3ds files from 2019 still work in the old 90s software. :slight_smile: