How to achieve a better first person view?

Hello everyone!

I am currently trying to achieve a similar first person view to the one used in CS:GO. This is what I currently have:

This is what I’m trying to get closer to:

If you ignore the hand placement which is obviously not done yet, I can still notice that my weapon mesh doesnt get bigger the closer you get to the camera like the AK47 does in the 2nd screenshot. Is there some mesh trickery going on or is it a FoV or placement issue on my end? I’ve have tried a FoV of 100 and 110 but it looks really bad and I feel like 90 is the right number. What other technique could I use to get the same subtle effect?

Thank you!

The feature you and me both are waiting for has recently been listed as DONE for 4.9. It will allow setting the field of view of the mesh when in first-person differently to the entire scene.

Listed on Trello: Trello

That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: