How to Accomplish This?


So I have an effect similar to this link that I would like to implement. The only issue is I’m not sure if it’s done through matinee, or if it’s purely realtime w/ synced animations with the camera attached to an actor. I’m not going for the whole jump-scare thing, but I’d like some animations play while the character can’t control the pawn. The only issue is, whenever I “disable input” via BluePrint, the camera locks (it’s using pawn control rotation).

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!


Why not just put your movement inputs through a branch driven by an attribute that indicates whether you can move or not?
Only movement input, not mouse camera.

Hey, thanks for the reply! I’ve tried that, but unfortunately I was still able to move the camera. However, I just ended up getting the springarm in the BluePrint and setting “Use Pawn Control Rotation” to false. Lol, don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner >_<

Did U follow any jump scare tutorial yet . This might help U a bit.

From your OP I understood the camera locking was an issue you wanted to remove.
Then in your reply you go in and do just that issue as a solution? Im confused.