How to access variables in another blueprint

So I got a variable in blueprint #1 keeping track of the level the player is on, I want to change that variable in blueprint #2. How can I do this?


If you have a reference to the objct, cast it into your BP class. Then you can pull a get node for the variable.
Beware: This does not work if your second BP is a component of the first BP.

I think you just need to set the variable to public in the detsils panel ckick the little icon next to the name then in the blue print you want to acess it right click and search get variable name or just drag it from the panel into the blueprint

Does this even work? Can you please share video link tutorial about Just what you said?

Blueprint Interface might be the way to go.

or when you create Blueprint #2 do a “get all actors of class” node to get a reference to Blueprint #1 then use a “Cast” node to adjust the variable.

this video goes over some different ways you can try.