How to access UE4 Editor Interface Scalability

Have been using 4.16.3 for 2 years with no problem when suddenly all palettes in editor have gone very tiny. As if it is no longer applying automatic scaling to fit my 5k screen. Have checked other programs eg. Maya, Substance, Photoshop and they are all still good. Have reinstalled the engine but didn’t fix the problem. Turning my resolution down to 2560x1440 works but will be impossible to juggle with other programs at the same time. If anyone knows why this has happened and knows if there are settings for this in the Editor preferences please let me know. Or any other work around.

So am not sure what caused the problem but what you could do is use the widget reflector and change the the application scale this will increase the size of just UE4 in general but does not save when you close the editor. Another option is to change the display scale on your monitor in windows 10 display settings.

Trying to download a newer version of Unreal to see if that works. If it doesn’t work I will try the reflector. Thanks for the help.

Also, it happened when I tried to test my game in the Stand Alone viewer which I had never used before, and will never use again.

I downloaded 4.17.2 and opened my project in it. To my surprise it fixed the problem and everything is still working in the game. Thanks for pointing the reflector out to me.

No problem glad you got it working