How to access transforms of Instanced Foliage Actors?

I would like to use the foliage painting tools to populate a scene with multiple objects, but due to various constraints of what I’m trying to accomplish, I need to be able to swap out these instances with either ordinary Static Meshes or Hierarchically Instanced Static Meshes. All I need to be able to do this is to access the foliage/object type and transform (position/scale/rotation) of all the instances, however I am struggling to figure out how to access this information.

After painting some foliage items into the scene, I can use Get All Actors of Class (with Actor Class set to ‘Instanced Foliage Actor’) to get hold of the Instanced Foliage Actor, but cannot seem to access any of it’s contents. I’ve looked over the BP nodes available to the returned object and there doesn’t seem to be anything like ‘Get Instances’ or anything like that. Presumably this object (the returned Instanced Foliage Actor) must contain this information. Is it just not accessible through Blueprint?

This seems to work in ue5 5.0.3