How to access Player Blueprint from another?

Hello all!
I have an EndGameUI Widget Blueprint, and I want it so that when it shows up, player movement is disabled. What I’ve done:

  • I have a SetNoMove function in my Player Blueprint.
  • I have created a Player variable (type Player, i.e. my Player Blueprint) in my EndGameUI Widget Blueprint
  • I used GetPlayer to be able to call SetNoMove from within EndGameUI’s EventConstruct

Unfortunately, I am still able to control movement when the UI shows, and I get an error in my log “Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Player”. Blueprint: EndGameUI Function: Execute Ubergraph End Game UI Graph: EventGraph Node: Set No Move”

You haven’t set the Player variable to anything, so it’s just a reference to nothing. You need to obtain a reference somehow. There are many ways to do that.

Is the Player your main player?

If so, this should work:

  1. In your WidgetBlueprint, Create a “Get Owning Player Pawn” node.
  2. Connect its output pin to a “Cast to YourPlayerBlueprintName” node.
  3. Wire the Cast node’s Exec pin directly to “Event Construct”.
  4. Add a Set node for your Player variable
  5. Connect the output of the Cast node to the input of the Set Player node
  6. Connect the output Exec of the Cast node to the input Exec of the Set Player node
  7. Connect the output of the Set Player node to the input of the Set No Move node
  8. Connect the input Exec of your Set No Move node to the output Exec of the Set Player node

Your Widget Blueprint should look more or less like this:


Thank you for your help! I got it working!
For reference, my Player Pawn was a Player, but not a Player Character (I’m still too new to appreciate the difference), so it worked without needing to Set the Player:

I just used “Player Character” as a example for your class name. Did you create a new class named Player? I know there is a built-in class named Player, but that’s for networking.

Also, I recommend storing the reference in a variable so you don’t have to do the Cast more than once. (It’s not expensive to run, I just mean it makes the graph look prettier.)

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