How to access or expose variables from child actors in a master blueprint

Hey Guys,

I’ve looked around I couldn’t find a post or YouTube video that showed this. If I make a actor blueprint and create some variables and like a component move to move a single object inside that blueprint. Then I brought that blueprint as a child into another blueprint to duplicate it a bunch of times. I guess my thinking on it was to set it once and duplicate it into 1 blueprint so it would be easy to place in the scene. I know I could just duplicate my blueprint move graph inside my first one but I have to duplicate like 60 times and was trying to think of way that would be easily changeable. Any suggestions on this I would really be grateful. Thanks

I think what you’re looking for is something called a blueprint component. I’m a beginner, so I don’t know much. I do have experience with Unity though, and I think they act like a MonoBehavior on a GameObject.

Hey GamionGamer. I just actually figured it out. I had to cast to my child BP, create the variables inside my master and use a set to connect the variables. Im new too to blueprints as well.