How to access Nvidia Ansel nodes in Level blueprint and run the game while ansel UI is active

I want to be able to access the “On Photography Multi Part Capture End” Ansel plugin node in my level blueprint. In the documentation it seems like the nodes are global, but i can’t find access them.

in short - In Your Camera Manger.

in wide:

  1. create new class player camera manager

  2. create custom game mode

  3. create custom player controller

  4. in the new player controller set camera manager from p.1

  5. in the new game mode set player controller from p.3

  6. additional info for hide pawn. in the camera manager from p.1 create Event On Photography Session Start and Event On Photography Session End. On the first event Get Player Pawn - Cast To #YourPlayerPawn - Set Hidden In Game True #YourPawnMesh. On the Session End - Hidden In Game False

Thank you for the quick answer!

I managed to get everything working except for the fact that the game won’t unpause while the Ansel plugin UI is active. I’ve got this blueprint :

The sequence continues after i’ve closed out the UI, but doesn’t continue while the UI is still active and the capture is finished.

Basically i’m looking for a way to turn autopause off upon opening the Ansel UI