How to access Level Blueprint Variables in HUD BluePrint

After watching a video on Day and night cycles, I used a Level Blueprint Timeline to rotate my sun around a level over a looping time length. I created a Float track in that timeline named “Time” that outputs the number of seconds the timeline is currently on.
I did some maths to output the time as a string to the console seen here:

Screenshot - d96f5f806ecf7c7ffb8b4074a16b0b58 - Gyazo

In the level the time prints out properly and increments properly

But I wanted to turn this into a text that I can use in a HUD
So I set a variable named Time and have this Level blueprint accessing this variable. However I cannot drag this level blueprint into my HUD blueprint or into a Widget Event Graph

Is there a way I can use this String Text variable in my HUD?

The only way you can do it is via Blueprint Interface. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’m an idiot.
I just recreated the Timeline in the HUD Blueprint and used the variable there since the timing would be the same anyway.