How to access IndexBuffer.GetArrayView in packaged build?

I’m trying to access the render data in a packaged build.

I read this post IndexBuffer empty in Cooked Version - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums and looked through the engine as well reading the ENQUEUE_UNIQUE_RENDER_COMMAND_TWOPARAMETER functions.

I’m not able to get the IndexBuffer successfully in a packaged build though.
This is my code:

int32 NumLODs = MyMesh->StaticMesh->RenderData->LODResources.Num();
 FStaticMeshLODResources& LODResource = MyMesh->StaticMesh->RenderData->LODResources[NumLODs - 1];

	int numIndices1 = LODResource.IndexBuffer.IndexBufferRHI->GetSize() / sizeof(uint16);
	uint16* Indices1 = new uint16[numIndices1];
		FRawStaticIndexBuffer*, IndexBuffer, &LODResource.IndexBuffer,
		uint16*, Indices1, Indices1,
			uint16* indices = (uint16*)RHILockIndexBuffer(IndexBuffer->IndexBufferRHI, 0, IndexBuffer->IndexBufferRHI->GetSize(), RLM_ReadOnly);
	memcpy(Indices1, indices, IndexBuffer->IndexBufferRHI->GetSize());


It should do the same thing as this.

	FIndexArrayView IndexBufferArray;
	IndexBufferArray = LODResource.IndexBuffer.GetArrayView();

Is there something I am misunderstanding?