How to access Groom parameters at runtime ?

Hi … i have some problem accessing the groom parameters at runtime. I am not entirely sure if its possible to do at all. What i tried so far is that i created an on key pressed event in my character BP i get the groom asset and get the Groom Groups Desc which is an array containing all the parameters which i try to modify at runtime. As a test i just setted the hair clip length, and on the button pressed i ad 50 to the default value which is 20 so it end up being 70 which is almost the full length. I printed the values so it changing it, but unfortunately it doesn’t change the hair at runtime. I tried to do some research about the topic, i have a feeling that the groom values might be static values which are generated at compile and maybe that’s the reason i cant make any difference at runtime. I wonder if anyone else had the same or similar problem? I attached a screenshot about my bp, hope it helps to see what i am trying to achieve.

up ?