How to access Control Rig from anim bp?

Does somebody know how to access Control Rig Plugin controls from the anim blueprint? I see there is an “Animation Input” checkbox which says “Selecting this will allow it to be exposed as input pin on evaluation nodes” but I don’t see any pin appearing.

Also, another thing, the documentation talks about “You may want to use Control Rig in your projects if you are looking at ways to accomplish … setting up Retargeting”. How do you do that?

Sorry, I cannot find the part where it’s accessed from the anim bp, at which time it is? By accessing I mean setting some variables from the outside, like setting the value of the “RightArm_Effector” from the screenshot above. Animation Input checkbox is supposed to add a pin for that, but it does nothing.
Anyways, the plugin is marked as experimental, so probably it’s just not working yet in 4.22

Afaik, It works just like an anim Bp so you can get the variabile you need (like animation curves) by casting the pawn owner.

I was more linking you to this in order to address your retargeting question though.

Either way, after enabling the pin did you attempt to compile?
maybe the new pin shows up if you do.
maybe it won’t.

If it does not, could you explain what it is you are trying to do exactly? Feed the base animation into the control rig?

I was right, it’s here in 4.23!!!

This is completely broken in 4.24. There’s no way to add a new variable in Control Rig and no way to pass a value to a variable in a Control Rig from an animation blueprint.

It’s easy to miss how to make this work properly because it’s obviously not set up correctly. The little blue box that appears when you create a new variable isn’t editable and you can’t create a new variable in the ‘My Blueprint’ window. However, if you create a new variable on the graph then go to the My Blueprint window, you can select it, rename it and expose it as an input pin to be used in Control Rig.

Thanks a lot Bob, I was struggling, you saved my life haha, I made a screenshot to help others !

Any Idea how to access variables in Control Rig on 4.25? My Blueprint tab now only shows Graphs and not variables.


Defaults in Control Rig are missing the Input/Output variables / expose list"

same in 4.26! very annoyinggg

Anybody figured out how to get variables out from control rig?

You can set variables from the anim graph but what about reading variables and bone/control location?

I know it’s possible when you add the control rig through the ControlRigComponent but you loose access to the anim graph.

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I modify curves in CR then use that in animbp, didn’t found any other way. I believe anim graph cannot write variables in general because it runs on different thread that bluprints or something like that

This might help

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Is it possible to get the translation of a control created inside the Control Rig for instance? like we do here:

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Now in 4.27 - I also try to access the Control Rig, just to get/set the current values. However I can not get a reference to the Rig, in the BP? It appears that there is both input and output, but only the input will show, and only on the Anim graph.