How to access camera component of Blueprint?

so i have made a coin toss simulation in a blank game template.

it consists of a paddle on which two coins spawn and then the paddle tosses the coins. the coins are the same blueprint of type actor.

the coin blueprint has a spring arm and camera attached. the camera view is set to show the face of the coin zoomed in (heads or tails depending on result of toss)

the coin blueprint determines coin velocity and when velocity is zero the logic determines whether the coin is heads or tails so the sim can progress

if i have the coin placed in the level from the start (as opposed to spawning in a couple of seconds after sim starts) i can switch to its camera view once it has stopped moving (though not to its attached camera in the blueprint). the view switched to is from the central pivot, so its from iside the coin which is not the intention. the idea is to use the component camera view.

since the objective is to have the coins spawn after the sim starts, i cannot access them as actors to switch view to because they are dynamically created. i simply cannot access them in the level blueprint when i have the set view with blend. if placed in the level i can access and then if i set camera as i explained the view is from inside the coin and not its component camera.

what i am trying to do, is have the coins spawn dynamically and once the logic determines each coin stopped moving i want to switch to the component camera attached to the coin blueprint, moving through the camera attached to each instance of spawned coin (only 2 will spawn) - showing a closeup of each coins face to the viewer

any ideas on how to do this? ive tried to setup chase cameras and they work on assets already in the level but i have no idea on how to swith view to the attached camera component on a blueprint actor or pawn, whether the blueprint is in the level from sim start or whether spawned in after start.

any ideas appreciated!

You could create a separate actor blueprint to handle all of the logic for this scenario.

You do it with view target with blend. But you have to be clear about a couple of things:

  1. There has to be a camera component

  2. You give the view target node a reference to the coin actor, not the camera

The coin actors can do the camera change, as they know when they have stopped moving.

You’ll need a bit of logic to make sure both coins don’t take the camera at the same time.

yes the issue was that since the coins were dynamically spawned there was no reference point to them until after spawning.

I solved this by using an array to get all the character names of the class being spawned, then i was able to access the cameras on the spawned coins because i could refer to the dynamic usernames captured in the array.

As there were two instances on the same class of coin actor, to handle the logic while switching between their cameras (2 cameras on each - heads and tails cams for each coin) i just used delays and blends and its pretty smooth now…