How to access Anim Montage Notify Window (Notify State)

I’ve read the documentation on animation notifications and montages but I can’t find anything on the premade ‘Montage Notify Window’ notify state. Once added, the notify state element in the notifies bar reads “AnimNotify_PlayMontageNotifyWindow.” The C++ reference is “UAnimNotify_PlayMontageNotifyWindow” and there’s nothing in that part of the documentation to describe what this notify state does. I also don’t see anything in the notify state’s properties that would give me a hint.

I’m trying to access the Begin/Tick/End event graphs in order to do some montage section management. I could make a custom notify state BP, but I’d like to know what this one does in case it already serves the purpose I need. Can anyone help me out? I don’t know how to access the events.