How to access a variable from construction script in event graph?

I have a blueprint with editable variable. For example bool named “var_01” with default value “true”. After I place blueprint on level, I change it to “false” in blueprint properties.
In event graph in the same blueprint, when I accessed “var_01”, I have a result “true”, which is default value.

Question is: why this happening and how to access correct value from variable in event graph in the same blueprint?


Are you expecting that if you change something in a blueprint that is in the Level that it will reflect that change in the event graph? That is not how it works.

If you drop a blueprint into a level, you have an instance of that blueprint. Changing its default values in the level does not affect any blueprint spawned thereafter, and it definitely doesn’t affect the blueprint asset that it is referenced from.

The change you made to an editable variable will only exist on the specific instance the blueprint in the level that you made the change.

If you want a variable to affect the blueprint in the event graph, you have to set it in the event graph.