How to access a Particle Parameter in an AnimTrail, through Blueprint?


I have an interesting problem where I want to adjust the lifetime of particles through blueprint. There are 2 methods for particles which both need this. The first one is a normal particle system, whichworks fine. However the problem lies in the AnimTrail particles that I have. There is a skeletal mesh which loops an animtaion which notifies and plays an AnimTrail Particle effect. I need to adjust a parameter it has, but only have access to the skeletal mesh information in Blueprint.

What I found thus far, is that I can get the Particle System Reference, but this seems to only reference the “base” particle system. The method that I use for the parameter adjustment uses Particle System Component Reference, which seems to be an “instance” of the particle system with it’s own value for the paramter. So I can’t adjust it with that method.

So how can I access the particular particle system parameter for the currently playing AnimTrail Particle Effect, notified by the current animation, of the current skeletal mesh.

The linking error between Particle System Reference and Particle System Component Reference:

Selecting the particle here would make it a Particle System Reference: