How to accelerate vehicle really fast?

Hey guys,

My aim is it to go like 70-100 km/h in 1-2 second. It doesn’t need to be realistic. I just want to accelerate quickly when my car stands or stopped.

I tried following things to accelerate my vehicle faster:

  1. Playing around with torque curve
  • Small intervals between keys in the timeline
  • Setting high values for keys

Nothing changed the acceleration remarkably.

  1. Set higher Max RPM, which worked thus it increased my max km/h but not the acceleration
  2. Lowering the mass of my car (this actually worked best, but I don’t want to do that only to accelerate faster)

I watched this Tutorial from Epic. Unfortunatly it didn’t help me.
I use the same car as in the tutorial.

Hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance!