"How To" 2D Multiple Monster instance

Hi Guys,

in my level , i have often Multiple instance of the same monster. Those monsters move in the level (left - right direction) and when their Box overlap a trigger “with a tag” who mention “switch_move”, i simply do on this monster a sprite rotation.
My current concern is actually when there is only 1 instance of this monster in the level it work, but when there is multiple instance, often , when 1 monster hit the trigger the other monsters instance switch also, like if this other instance was also overlapping the trigger “which is not the case”

What am i missing here ?

Thanks in advance for your help

Ok Guy,

so i found the problem, it have no link with the code itself, but in fact after deleted the node “oncomponentbeginoverlap” and added it again, everything work, so i think it’s due to the change from a previous version of unreal engine to the last 4.7 preview 1,2,3
Hope it will help people who met the same problem !