How to 2.5D ? (with explanatory picture)

Hi my masters.

I’m trying to imitate the classic beat’m’up, like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage from Megadrive.
Just like that : Streets of Rage 1 Gameplay (Easy) (Sega Genesis) - YouTube

Does anyone know how to make the floor? I also thought of put the camera on Ortographic mode, but it stretches the textures of the floor.
I thought about putting the camera from above and placing the sprite at 90º in relation to the player’s capsule. It looks great, but logically the player cannot jump, since it jumps towards the camera.

Well… I’ve two questions.

  1. With this system, How can I make the player jump up in relation to the camera?

  2. If it isn’t possible, what else can be done?

Are you using the standart character movement and thats why you are jumping toward the camera?

If so, why not just keep the camera parallel to the ground (like a side view), Rotate the sprite to look at the camera, and have the background behind the character, facing the camera.

if you want to have your player to move in all 4 directions, your character is bound to jump toward the camera :stuck_out_tongue:

I kinda feel like you want to have a topdown game, but with smaller mario-style jumps but i can’t see them working together, correct me if im wrong.

Hi! Thanks for response. I also thought about it. Keep the camera parallel to the ground, rotate the sprite to look at the cameraI and put an invisible ground to be able to walk and a “false ground” on the background.
But I can’t because i want to make the player walk up, down, left and right. If I keep the camera parallel to the ground, when the player go to “Z” it doesn’t look in the ortographic camera …

I think you want to be able to move like the Golden Axe side-scroller, walking left and right, and jumping, AND be able to also move closer or farther from the background (which would be kind of like side-stepping or strafing if it was 3D.

In that case you will probably NOT want orthographic camera (but still could with some additional difficulty),
and you will NOT want to constrain the character to a plane.

Place the camera facing the X or Y direction, not Z.
Place your character and floors so Z is up and down.

You’ll have your up and down controls move the character along the axis that is parallel to the camera,
and your left and right controls move along the axis perpendicular to the camera.
Jump will work normally, which is up and down on Z, and you can use regular built-in character Jump functionality.

Exacly I want is this (This game is for Unity): Beat 'Em Up - Game Template for Unity - YouTube

Then in unreal, if I want walk in 4 directions I’m forced to show the ground in 3d with the perspective camera, right? It’s imposible do a classic 2D beat’m’up

Not impossible, but probably easier to use perspective camera. If you use orthographic camera then you’ll have to add more movement logic on your own instead of just placing walls and boundaries and letting the character move in true 3D. But sure you can do that.

If you want to do it without true 3D movement laterally in 4 directions you will be better off probably not using Character Movement but use a basic Pawn instead, with a basic Controller that you can program only the movements you want, and instead of using gravity, you will manage all the vertical movement yourself using timelines or Tick, and make it actual Z axis movement just without the built in gravity. OR you can do like you illustrated and make it lay on the ground instead, and point the camera down to look like it is standing up. You can really do whatever you want. Just some things are harder than others and don’t have built-in ways in Unreal - you have to program it all yourself for some ways.