How tidy multiple Line Traces?

Was watching a Video someone using Unity where in a for loop has multiple rays cast including the hit results and there is visually a huge difference when using Blueprints. Wondering if I can tidy things up? …

Trace goes into a function, expose attributes, feed it data in a loop.

That’s a great idea thanks. Not sure why I find it weird coming from normal programming to UE, I really like the VS but sometimes wonder if it’s any easier.

Sadly, blueprints encourage messy scripting.


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Blueprints don’t have to look like that. At all. That is not a product of the solution, but a shortcoming of the scripter.

That is not a product of the solution, but a shortcoming of the scripter.

That is a sign that someone needs urgent professional help! :wink: True nightmare fuel.

I’ve got all alignments shortcuts key bound, wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if my wires were crossing :expressionless:

Image from Gyazo

Highly recommended! Once you get used to it, there’s no going back. Keepings things neat improves overall visibility and actually speeds things up. At least for me.

My absolute pet peeve are AH posts of rat’s nest noodled criss-crossed zigzags.

Here’s a useful tip, rather than dragging wires everywhere inside a function, you can do this instead:


Just don’t change the param name afterwards…


Very useful tips everyone should know, but many sadly don’t. That said, I can easily recommend all of the blueprint-centric videos on the UE youtube channel, they go over things like this and much more.

Another quick tip: double click on any wire to add a reroute node to tidy up wires.

Function local vars ! Too hell with strung out wires.

If it takes 30 minutes to back track an old bp’s logic flow, something aint right.