How the sliding door works on FeaturesTour2014 Example map?

So, in the FeaturesTour2014 Example map I have noticed that when you are in the editor viewport mode (not simulating or playing) the doors will open on the camera approximation, I have “disassemble” the “BP_Double_Doors_Ineditor” Blueprint but I have no clue how the doors are activated when the camera is near the doors!

please can someone explain how it works?

thanks for your time and sorry for this noob question.

Best regards

You mean this right?

Zack is in play mode. You can see that there is stop and eject button avalible at the top, which are only in playing mode.
If this is a blueprint, sliding animation is done in timeline.

Yes, that is the map, but he is in playmode,
what I mean is in the editor mode. not in playmode, the doors open when the camera is near the door!
I have deleted the blueprint and the door still opens in the editor, there is no blueprint controlling it.

I never heard about that kind of functionality :slight_smile: Can you show this on video?

Hi Majority,

You stumbled onto a very tricky effect that Zack Parrish created for that demo. Look in the ‘M_GlasDoor_inEditor’ material. He is using a Vertex shader that opens and closes the door based on proximity to the in-editor camera.



thanks for your answer, it was very helpful
I have never think that a material blueprint could make objects movable based on proximity to the in-editor camera.