How the Hell do i retarget anim assets in 4.16?

hate to do this but… Bump

When I used ‘Use current pose’ in 4.16 it did work. When you attempted to re-target the animation sequence did you select the skeleton from the list of skeletal meshes?

okay so when i try to retarget them, it lets me choose the NEW skeleton im retargeting to, but it wont let me choose the original skeleton (on the left side) that the animation is coming from. I downloaded these from mixamo, ive never had any problems with this pre-4.16

The instructions still say to click the non existent save button. I read somewhere that clicking modify pose and then clicking “use Current Pose” fixes the problem, but when i try to retarget, the first skeleton on the left side never shows up. I also tried creating a new pose and setting that as the pose, still nothing. Is this a bug with 4.16 or am i just missing something here?

there were no skeletons in the list. Im gonna take a crack at it again tonight and see if it works

Hello ViceVersa, as I know, when you create new pose (left one used as original, you can use it for retargeting. By this way I made T pose from A pose and then was able to use this new T pose.