How the hell do I fix this problem? It's been happening for nearly a month now and I can't work on any "challenges" anymore!

I can only stay in an online game for about 2 or 4 minutes before getting kicked back into the lobby in “Battle Royal”.
Every time I get kicked all I see is “WE HIT A ROAD BLOCK” along with “Client failed to register with server.”
There is no help or report bug button, I’ve tried looking online and I don’t see any solutions to it. What, do I just give up on the game? I’ve spent so much time on it and I love playing it with my friends.

for fortnite issues go to the fortnite support page. this answerhub is for questions related to developing in the unreal engine only. also this is a community page mainly run by the community for the community, this means there is rarely staff support here since there is dedicated places for staff support.