How the heck does 'Spawn Emitter Attached' work?

Hey everyone. I have a slight problem with the ‘spawn emitter attached’ node. What I want to do is, well, spawn a ‘burst’ particle system that floats over the head of an enemy, to warn you that they are about to attack.

I just can’t for the life of me figure out how to make this darn node work properly!

spawn emitter attached.png

That third connection down, ‘attach to component’. No matter what I plug in there, it just simply will not accept it! What am I supposed to plug in there? How do I get it to just attach to a bone socket??

I’ve been stuck here for a half hour, someone help!

likely going to be the “Mesh” of your enemy…if drag off from the Attach to Component (make sure to have context sensitive checked in the top right of this new box) scroll down to the bottom and find your “variable” for the Skeletal Mesh you want…Attach point will be whatever bone you set…likely use the Snap to target for the location type but in some cases not…try it out until you get what you like…

Let me know if you’ve any questions…

Location Get Actor Location, Attach to Component (Mesh)

I tried this with smoke and explosion, together with physics… though the smoke is then like the mesh, no matter the location type.

@ president

I dragged off from the Attach to Component, and this is literally everything that shows when ‘context sensitive’ is checked… The only thing that is below this is a bunch of casting options, which I don’t want.

drag off attach to component.png

And where would my ‘variable’ for my skeletal mesh be? Do I need to make a new variable and referance the Skeletal mesh that is in the components tab in the character bp? (I am working in the anim BP, by the way)

Example of Emitter in use


Here’s an image to help you out.

Your character mesh in your blueprint is your component. You would drag it from your components tab.
Also, a light can be a component, a sphere can be a component, pretty much everything in the components tab.

The “AttachPointName” is you socket location, I think it can be a bone name too. You can create a socket and place it anywhere when editing your skeletal mesh.
Whatever you name it, you can type it in that field and not actually hook it up to anything.

This should at least get you started. Hope it helps.

Ahh…anim BP…then You’ll need to cast to Pawn owner…should have done that at the start of your AnimGraph likely…Cast to yourCharacterBP and “as {yourCharacterBP}” drag off and get Mesh…then you’ll have the mesh you are looking for…

If at all possible double check setting up an Anim Notify in the Animation…if not no biggie this should work too…

Alright, I got it working in the Character Blueprint, as I can get the ‘mesh’ variable.

But in the anim blueprint, the ‘mesh’ variable isn’t available! How would I get this working in the Anim blueprint? I can’t make the ‘mesh’ public, so I can’t cast it, either.

I should have used my quotes…lol…sorry…it’s “get mesh”…not a variable…cast to your characterBP and use Get Mesh and you’ll have it from wherever you need it…But good to hear you’ve got this working…

I am doing this same thing. I have everything working as it should, but whats different is this is a particle effect that should do damage. I am using a damage socket which should do damage but for some reason the attack does no damage, and doesnt even aggro anything enemies. How can I make this do actual damage? for reference, I am talking about Ark)

If it’s for animBP? I’m can assume that is for an animation, right ? In that case, you can use it directly into the animation adding a notify. Hope it can help someone