How the heck does a Sphere trace work?

I was asuming that i have a starting vector and an ending vector. at the impact point there will be a sperical trace with a given radius wich returns me the first hit it occours. But since this isnt working (single line trace returns me a perfect result) iam wondering how this is going to be used. Any suggestions. (and yes collision is set properly)

A sphere trace sweeps a sphere ACROSS a given line. Think of a line trace as being like, a point sweep; you start with a point, and move it forward along a vector until it hits something. A sphere trace works like that, but it sweeps an entire sphere along the line.

It seems like you’re expecting the line trace that generates a sphere at the end point…? That isn’t what it does.

My advice is to use Draw Debug to show the trace; this way, you can see exactly what it’s doing and maybe determine why it isn’t working like you expected.

The Sphere is drawn at an impact point i just dont get any results thats the problem.

Edit: Got it working it seems the problem was that Starting and Ending Point were the same (because i just needed a sperical trace at a given point. Thought the sphere will grow instead of moveing from a to b

Are you sweeping for objects or by channel? Can you post a screenshot of the BP that fires the trace and also a screenshot of the PIE with the Draw Debug trace being performed?

I was sweeping for Channel’s (Custom Trace Channel), but as i said i got it working. Didnt realize that the trace actually has to “travel” to hit something