How the fast modeling work?How to design a level quickly

Can you guys give me some experience and tutorials of this topic? I’m new in UE4,I don’t know how to start

There is not really a fast way of modeling or designing a level quickly especially if you are new to it.

You get faster by learning, working and understanding the toolset you use and that takes time. Besides that there is a lot of theoretical work involved in modeling or designing a level.
During modeling you have to take the possible performance impact of the asset you’re creating into account, to name a few polycount, drawcalls, which platform it will run on or the amount of screen space it takes.

Designing a level requires also quite a bit of theory and tinkering. It’s not just a combination of nice models, textures and some vfx, your level mainly acts as a guidance layer for the player where you want to control the way the player takes in the most subtle way possible.

Let me lend you a helping hand, i know the UE4 can be intimidating at first but trust me the learning curve isn’t that steep.
One of the most helpful entry level tutorials can be found at or at The UE4 Wiki (link down in my signature) has a ton of useful tutorials too, the always amazing Tom Looman also created an extensive list of links devoted to the UE4, Tom Loomans list.

In addition have a look at this -> UE4: Workflow Tutorial - How I Created "The Corridor" Environment in 10 Hours with Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube it shows the usual way of making a “level” or scene in this case. Even though blocking out a level first may sound boring but trust me it’s much better than just going in head first and directly start with the meshing pass. :wink:

This should get you on rails and if you can’t find something there feel free to ask here.

Hey i have a good site for you and the guy is pretty cool:


EDIT: Sry the site is mentionned above! Thanks to Chris.R :wink:

I’d want to state that a rough top view on paper/picture is a nice addon for protoryping. Also, there are some stuff like supergrid and PPK that are meant to help you prototype.