How stable is 4.8 on Linux?

Hey guys, How stable is 4.8 on Linux? (ubuntu 14 to be exact.)

I use it on ubuntu 14.04 , seems to be quite stable compared with 4.7.x

Good to know.

I have zero issues on my fedora 22 as well.

Also interested on whether people think it’s realistically a good alternative to running on Windows (or Mac)

If it would work correctly! It won’t build the lighting for me! But that might just be my computer.

Realistically, I would not call it an alternative to Windows yet, but it is very usable for the most part. Just small quirks here and there, and outright lack of support for certain things like OVR, VoiceChat, etc.

If you are having problems with building lighting, check that your firewall is not set to block ULM. There’s more on the Linux Wiki about it…