how split the hud into multiple hud blueprint?

currently i have too much stuff in the hud blurpint and it only covers the hud for the inventory system, im afraid it will get messy after adding ui for the player. Is there a way to use 2 hud blueprints? 1 for inventory, 1 for player?

You can use functions.

I have a couple of functions for “Draw Inventory”, “Draw Health Bars”, “Draw Hotbar” etc
It cleans up the code.

You can always use more event graphs inside the same BP.

but how to separate the event ticks for 2 event graph?

I do like this.

Each of the functions in that sequence draw a part of my HUD.

i also have a long list of functions that i dun want to mixed up

You can also collapse your nodes. Have a look at this post:

the functions will work in both event graphs, its just like adding a sheet of paper to draw on. and ; thats brilliant, didnt think of that! Thanks man