how solve problems faster and keep learning?

Hi, i like UE, but often i encounter problems, some of them really hard and i can’t solve them due:

lacking of knowledges

still changing UE itself

lacking of people enough expirienced or helping random people like me

what to do? how speed up problem solving? i’m already using answerhub, forum, search engine, reading/watching everything i can find, but it’s still really so slow

for example why can't find session in packaged Multiplayer Shootout through steam? - UE4 AnswerHub, such problems really hard to dig, it’s not so simple like “how call a blue print from another” or “how print an integer on screen”, any tips guys?

Hmm, you already use nearly every support channel that is available. So either you just wait, you try to somehow solve it by your own or you could ask a privat tutor (like tesla) :slight_smile:

  • multiplayer stuff is a tricky topic -> not everybody can help you with that