How smooth does UE4 run on Intel Iris-based 13" MacBook Pro's?

Hi, I’m considering buying a MBP, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to work on UE4. I would like to know if anybody here has installed UE4 on such machine, and how well it runs UE4. Cheers!

I don’t have a MBP, but i have a Iris based Windows laptop with very similar hardware(Intel 4750HQ CPU with Iris 5200 GPU). I installed UE4 on it to test it out, and it runs reasonably well, but some of the more demanding sample content(like the reflection demo) got a bit choppy.

I am working on this with a MBP at work 15 inch fastest model it’s very frustrating. It seems so slow, at home i have a gaming pc that was high end 5/6 years ago and Unreal runs super smooth on that so i would say it’s the GPU that’s the problem