how skip matinee camera with click on button

hello guys
i have a scene with matinee cameras moving that i set to loop then i created a button (Start Game) but i don’t know how to set the blueprint for the button to when pressed to skip matinee and start the game !!!
the other issue i was thinking about is if i convert this project to android cellphone how can i tell the blueprint (on the button touch) ?

hope you can help me with this issue as i searched the internet but did not find the answer

How do you loop your matinee?
Normally you can stop/skip a matinee when you use the “stop” node in your level bp -> just connect it with a key event and then it should work :slight_smile:

i have select loop from matinee play section by checking the box (Looping) but in level BP when am searchin for stop or cancel or even skip i cant find it :frowning: the same when am trying to assign to the button BP to stop matinee i cant find Matinee :@

Click on the matinee reference node - drag it - search for “stop” :slight_smile:

well i find it but i dont know how to connect the menue button blueprint to the level blueprint to tell the engine if i pressed the button go and stop the matinee camera show and select the character to play with :stuck_out_tongue:

You will have to cast or communicate with the other blueprint ->
e.g one way how you could do it:
You add a bool variable in your umg blueprint which you will set to true/false when the player pressed the button - then you access this variable in your level bp (cast) and connect it with a branch node - also connect an event tick node with the branch and the action that you want to have (stop the matinee) with true/false :slight_smile:

thaaaaaaanks alot this was what am looking for :smiley:

Ok, and your sure the button, is not with the mouse or touch screen?
Also before anyone jumps to conclusions no I was not trolling.

Hi, i need help, i am new in this engine, i need also skip a matinee animation but when i get the node of “stop” the meta says: “self” so i can’t put there the reference of the matinee animation. Can someone explain me how i can skip it?! Thanks