How show custom slider value

Hi all,

i have question, i have slider widget but without any value number, how i can set up custom value and make it show, for example slider value will be from 150-160 and this value will be shown as a text also. I already find some tutorials but nothing work well.

This widget will work as switcher in further - every number will show different material on object. So result will be slider with visible number and every number will change material on object.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Thanks a lot for every comment

This will work for what you’ve described:

  • above: mouse uses step value within the specified range
  • below: raw slider values are converted into text to be shown in a text box (bind the variable); we translate slider range into indexes that can fetch materials

But if you need something that scales better, you’ll need to tweak the way you fetch the assets. And that would depend on how you’ve organised them / what the ultimate goal is. You’re saying 150-160 for a reason, surely.

I will try this workflow, i think it can be fitted for my needs, Image 52 in your flow is blank material or what is it? Thank you so much

You did not specify what *object is so here I am sending the material to a widget image, *just to demonstrate the idea. Instead, the Select node’s returns can be piped into any object you need.

Can u also help me with that move text function - textbox

You will need to be more specific. The text is moving where and how? Is this supposed to be an animation? Or you just want to place the text over the afore-mentioned slider? Or the text moves with the slider handle?

my case - I have BP for object, the object will spawn after click a button with his primary (base) material, there will be two sliders

  1. slider for select secondary texture (this one which i am asking for help): there will be 10 options by number from 1 up to 10 (later i will arrange it for 150-160 - this number doesnt matter) for secondary texture. i want that the text of selected option from slider (number of texture) will apear above the slider after you move with it - so text will move with the slider.

  2. slider - that allow you to use opacity (blend) between base material and selected one from first slider

You already helped me with BP separetly with blending texture and slider for that, so i can do two separated BP, but if you know the way, how it could be inside of one BP and all 11 (10 secondary texture + 1 base texture) in one material, it will be super cool.

so for the text is just a text over the slider i think :slight_smile: thank you again

All will be in the VR game, so in space, not static in viewport.

If i use it for static mesh insted of image i have only choice put set brush TO material, is it right? Thank you for help, i appreciate it

There’s no need for a brush. Just apply the material to the static mesh.

can you help me also with slider to finnish it please, it is final thing for my project and i just cant find solution for it, i am so sorry that i am bothering you with that, but there no chance for me to finnish it by myslelf without any help. Thank you so much for your time.

thanks, i will try it tomorrow.

Is it possible to use it in static mesh BP - i have already one widget in this BP and wan to add this slider as second for static mesh BP. Thank you

Yes, it’s just a material. Assign it to a static mesh instead of an image.

Alternatively, dispatch the material from the widget:

Both methods are fine. Use what’s more convenient. If the widget needs to show this material as well (as an icon, perhaps), flipping them in the widget might be more convenient.

Hello, may i ask, how to write a script for choosing material? i am trying to do same thing but i dont understand this step, also may i ask if there is need to use all previous scripts or its just only you last screens?


And please what is the ED New Material - what that think contain?

Thank you again.

Which step is it?

I honestly do not remember. It seems to be incomplete and / or offers more than one method of approach. It was more of a proof-of-concept rather then ready-to-go solution. These are usually more involved than what’s shown.

edit: all the necessary pieces to make it work are above. But, obviously, I don’t know what you’re doing, how you’re choosing the materials and what you’re applying them to. Everyone has different needs.

It’s an Event Dispatcher. It does not contain anything per se. It’s a method of communication between blueprints. Widget dispatches (talks) and the actor registers (listens to) it. It connects those two entities together.

How to set it up depends on you, the material selection can happen in the widget or in the actor. Both approaches will work fine. If the widget also needs to displays the material (like a product configurator), it probably makes more sense to contain the material selection logic within the widget.

Again, it all depends on the desired end result.

Perhaps you could start a new thread and describe what is needed. Do include details and your progress so someone can offer a solution that fits into your current setup.

Thank you so much for info, i already create a new topic - BP - slide bar change materials on static mesh