How should we proceed with third party licenses?


We are ready to ship and sell our game, so we accepted the EULA for Publishing, but one of its sections says that I’m accepting also all third party licenses under Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Licenses, which has more than 150 licenses.

Keeping in mind that our release is targeting for Windows x64, How do I know which licenses do apply to this release?

Digging into the forum, I found this question: Licensing distributables with default third party plugins - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums, but I’m pretty sure the licenses associated with shared libs located in your packeged release under \engine\binaries\thirdparty are not the only ones you have to accept.

There’s also this thread Third-party UE components in our final product - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums in which there is a tool to list the licenses included in your release, but it needs to build UE4 from source. Does Epic has an official tool to do the work for the Launcher version of the engine?

Thanks in advance and congrats for this great engine!

Has anyone solved this problem before? We cannot publish our game if the legal part of the development is so confusing.

How am I supposed to know which libraries are included in UE4 and which are not to accept their licenses?
Do companies accept the 150+ licenses in Engine\Source\ThirdParty\Licenses even if they don’t apply to them?

Please, share your experience here. Any help will be appreciated.

I also have this question. Does anyone know how to do it?

We also have the same question here. Anyone has more precise guidelines to share on this?