How should I share an open-source library with the community? (intuitive VR throwing mechanics)

I’ve noticed that throwing objects in VR is a bit of pain for many games and I decided to work on an open-source library that will allow developers to easily add intuitive VR throwing mechanics to their games. I’m including several throwing calculation methods used by games that have successfully implemented VR throwing (e.g. Rescuties) and would like to share them with other devs. Currently, the system includes actor components and interfaces for the motion controllers and any actor you wish to throw. It doesn’t modify the editor or engine source code in any way.

My question is, what is the best way to share the code with other developers?

  • Open source plugin, similar to the VictoryPlugin or VRE
  • Free marketplace asset
  • Open source repository that devs can clone and then copy assets into their own projects
  • Am I missing an option that might be better?

I’m hoping to have my first version ready for use within a couple weeks :smiley: and would love some feedback on the best way to distribute the library!

This is interesting, yet, I have no answer. I hope someone gets to answer this.

Usually the Marketplace asset option is a better route overall, as the install for devs gets handled automatically. Examples: Plugins by [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] / @LowEntry. However things have changed recently for the worse imo, and it might be better to just go ahead and host on github / google-drive or something guaranteed to work (you can still list it and promote it in the Community Tools forum section)…


Epic have made a clusterf**k of the Launcherrecently and plugins are a PITA anyway because the Launcher does mandatory version checks! This is a big problem for anyone who keeps their devs rigs airgapped or uses a different machine for net access (or is on Linux). Also marketplace hosting requires assistance from Epic who are pretty swamped right now. So, the simplest option is probably the best… :wink:

Wow I was not aware of those issues with the launcher. Thanks for the input! Do you think I would be better off implementing this as a plugin or as .uassets that someone downloads/imports into their project?

Offer users the source uassets if possible. Here’s yet another reason why.
Overall Plugins aren’t really the utopia Epic once promised, they’re a PITA.
Especially as you’re not ‘Modding’ the engine or editor in any way anyway.:wink: