How should I setup VNC to use Unreal Editor remotely?

As many others these days, I would like to enable remote desktop on my computer at work so I can work from home.

I’m running Ubuntu on both machines and have x11vnc running at work and Remmina at home. This works in the sense that I can see my desktop and I can launch the Unreal Editor and see my scene. However, in some cases mouse-drag events get messed up. This is what I get when I try to very gently rotate the camera:


Panning in Blueprints also sends the “camera” flying all over the place, but dragging objects around in the viewport and draging wires between Blueprint nodes works just fine. Also, camera movement in our in-house 3D applications works as intended.

I have none of these Unreal Editor camera problems when I’m physically at the work computer so I don’t know what migth be wrong.

What can I do to fix this?

May I ask if you’re running UE on a physical machine or a virtual machine like on AWS or something? I’ve been having issues accessing UE4.9 via VNC on a cloud hosted virtual machine.