How should I sell things on my game?

Hi, I am planning to make free to play game, but some items should be bought with real money.

That being said, I searched for youtube, google and etc to learn how to make it on blueprint or anything,

and I found no information.

By the way, I am totally new to UE4 and do not know any computer language.

and the game will be run on mobile phones.

Take a look at Gamesparks:

Hi Kinoo1,

Sorry for the delay in seeing your question!

You can use GameSparks to set your Virtual Goods and In-App purchases in your game. You can check out our tutorial on this here: Managing In App purchases - GameSparks Learn

It’s completely free to register for a GameSparks evaluation and prototyping license. We provide a premium offering which includes access to the full GameSparks platform and a first-class support system as standard as well as an Indie & Student progamme which gives you your first 100,000 MAUs free if you qualify. We have lots of features including In-App purchases so if you haven’t considered a backend of your game yet, you should give our product overview a look: Product |

Our ever growing documentation site provides heaps of resources and our dedicated support team are always on hand to help should you have any questions. You can get in touch with them via: Support : GameSparks

Thank you for the mention!