How should I order my TimeLine? - Too many TimeLineComponents inside the actor

So I have a platform actor that when the player gets inside the box collider, it runs 4 “animations” that are basically just a linear timeline going from 0 to 1 so it can Lerp 2 Vectors (WorldLocation) so it simulates some animations base only in math.

As you see in the picture it’s getting really really messy and I normally like to have everything on functions. But I think you can’t add timelines to functions or macros. Any ideas on how could I make it better? Thank you.

If the timelines are supposed to fire one after another, you can use a single timeline for all of it.

Once the timeline has finished, select a new set of data to work on and restart the timeline. If you need various curves for each TL run, you can either load it or sample an external one.

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wow, I think I got it now. Thank you. Also, could you explain again the last part, about if I want various curves on my TL?

You can create curves in the content browser:


You can load them manually into the TL:

…or, when you recycle the TL, you can pull data from a container (array, data table, dictionary) and set a new curve dynamically for this TL run:

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Firstly wow thank you so much for the fast response. And wow x2 I had no idea of that that’s really cool. How did you learn that? reading the documentation? a youtube channel? or in a Post?

Thanks for all your help :smiley:

Trial and error, a lot of the latter!