How should I make Floppy Bunny Ears for low cost?

Hi all;

My game has bunnys with floppy ears in it. I how ever have 400 of them on screen at once. their movement is based on colider spheres slideing around. While useing a physics body ragg doll looks good, it sends my frame frame from 75fps down to 20fps. I tried using spring controllers in the anim BP but those seem to only affect translation not rotation, as well as they only seem to react to local anim movement, not their movement through the world space. But they did only bring me down to 73fps. So I am wondering if anyone has any other solutions for makeing some bunny ears floppy. They will be getting blown up and thrown all over the place. Thats the need for the floppyness. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Use animDynamics, that now has an option to operate in worldSpace.

Excelence, ty ty ty :slight_smile: .

Goingthhrough it right now. Getting some weird results, but I’m certain I just need to dig a bit more.

And got it working with only a 2fps loss cost :smiley: . And in my world sticking it at 75 fps that is nooothing so Thank you so so incredibley much.
Followed the google trail with your keyword to this.

When 4.16 is out you can replace animdynamics with rigid body nodes (phat simulation), basically does the same thing as animdynamics (well better really) but way faster.

See this for more information: UE4 Animation and Physics Technical Showcase | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Saweeet! I cant Waite for that :smiley: