How should I implement a waypoint editing component?

I’d like to make a waypoint editing component for a character spawn with the following features:

  • Add/Remove waypoints from the components details panel
  • The ability to move each waypoint in the editor
  • Draw a mesh to represent each waypoint
  • Draw multiple meshes at fixed intervals between each waypoint to represent the path

I’m confident I can do the last 3 items on this list, but creating an add/remove waypoint button is eluding me. How would you go about implementing this?

A simple way would be to just create a new actor called “AWaypointGraphActor” and in it I would have a TArray of "AWaypoint"s. The TArray of "AWaypoint"s would have to be exposed as a UPROPERTY and then there would be a little + button in the editor to add more "AWaypoint"s to the “AWaypointGraphActor.” This is of course the easy and simple way and more than likely what I would do in most cases.