How should I go about setting my snapping system?

I have a system where I have blocks that snap onto a given point. However, whenever the block snaps, it snaps using the center of the block, which is not good as I am trying to place a rectangular block, in a square-based grid. I have divided the rectangle into squares already. How do I tell the block to snap in position based off of the points I have created in its actor blueprint? To make it more clear what I want, I want to recreate the snapping system which can be found in Crossout. I do not need the fancy overlay, I just want the snapping system. If anybody could give me some ideas on how to achieve this I would greatly appreciate it.

How did you set up the system a picture would be useful to analyze this problem. Some seasoned devs here can provide you an answer if you provided them more info like a picture of your system.